Schoolhouse Museum

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The Metchosin Schoolhouse was opened in the spring of 1872 and is the first school building opened in British Columbia after confederation. Classes began with Mrs. Elizabeth Fisher teaching seven girls and three boys.

The school closed in 1914, reopened in 1942, and closed again in 1949. It reopened 100 years later in 1972 as a Museum, dedicated to the history of Metchosin and to the history of the Schoolhouse.

Come pay a visit to yesteryear.

The Metchosin School Museum is a volunteer group of individuals who have a devotion to the collection and preservation of the heritage pertaining to the School and the area. This society is small in numbers and is mostly comprised of senior citizens from the area. Besides the physical museum, Metchosin School Museum (MSM) through volunteer-ship has been servicing the communities heritage needs through the following actions.


During the winter months, MSM opens by appointment for school tours. An example from the guest book shows during the month of February 1998 the museum hosted over 200 grades 4, 5, 6, and 7 students.

Allows loans to other museums that meet the safety standards set by the MSM Board and Trustees.

Aids in individuals whenever possible in their research. The MSM has been involved in two publications: The First One Hundred Years -The Metchosin Elementary School; and Footprints -Pioneer Families of the Metchosin District.

The Metchosin School Museum is one of the oldest heritage driven societies in the area and has deeply rooted support systems within the community. The primary one being the School District. The School building owned by the school district and leased to the Metchosin School Museum Society for the sum of $1 per year. The purpose of this lease is to house the Society’s collection and enable the society to build upon this heritage collection. The school district has placed the well being of the structure in the hands of MSM. The museum’s farm and household collection are displayed in a converted barn on the municipal grounds of the District of Metchosin. The museum officially opened March 25th, 1972, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the building.

The Metchosin School is the first school in BC built after confederation into Canada and is located in the second oldest community settled on the island. The oldest community being Fort Victoria. The Museum School Building received its “Heritage Status” in 1997. The museum’s roots are in volunteerism and pride in the history and heritage of the area. It should be noted that there are some residents in Metchosin who attended the school and were influential in creating the museum.

Most notable is the Bligh family. The late Mrs. Helgesen the author of Footprints spent many hours researching and collecting data to provide the Museum with excellent historical representation of the first settlers into the area.