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The Metchosin Museum Society is a volunteer group of individuals who have a devotion to the collection and preservation of the heritage pertaining to Metchosin. On traditional lands of the Sc’ianew Cheanuh (Beecher Bay First Nation), the Society is registered with the Province of British Columbia as a Charitable organization.

The purposes of the Society are:

  • to assume responsibility for the safety, maintenance and upkeep of the Metchosin School Museum and the Metchosin Pioneer Museum,
  • to collect, document, preserve, exhibit and interpret materials and artifacts pertaining to the history and development of Metchosin, and
  • to facilitate public knowledge, education and appreciation of Metchosin’s history and culture through information and
    other programs initiated by the Society or in collaboration with others.

The Metchosin Museum Society was established in 1972 by volunteers who sought to preserve the abandoned Metchosin Schoolhouse.

The Metchosin Schoolhouse Museum is in the Schoolhouse, built in 1872 and the first school built in British Columbia after BC joined Confederation. The Museum Schoolhouse received “Heritage Status” in 1997. The building is owned by the District of Metchosin which leases it to the Metchosin Museum Society for $1 per year. The purpose of this lease is to house the Society’s collections and enable the society to build upon this heritage collection. The museum officially opened March 25th 1972, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the building.

The Metchosin Pioneer Museum is sited in a converted barn on the municipal grounds of the District of Metchosin. It also is owned by the District of Metchosin and leased to the Metchosin Museum Society. This Museum houses heritage agricultural and forestry equipment and household furnishings.

The Metchosin Museum Society also operates Old Barn Books in the Pioneer Museum, as the Society’s primary fundraising activity.

Finally, the Society is a focus for the safe storage and maintenance of records. These Archives are stored in the Metchosin Schoolhouse Museum.